Welcome to the premiere edition of “Vigilante Country”! Thanks for stopping by. In this edition we’ll have an interview with Gene Pitney you won’t want to miss. Plus we’ll have a few other items of interest too.

We hope you enjoy what you read, offer up your comments, suggestions, praise and even criticism. If you hear of a newsworthy story which falls into the “older traditional country” category, please feel free to drop us a line and let us know about it. We’ll see what we can do to put the story in an upcoming newsletter.

Have you seen a Traditional country show lately? Have some pictures you want to share? Drop us a line, let us know what you have and we’ll try to include them too! Know of a group who does their part in ‘keeping traditional country” alive and well? We want to hear about them as well!

Best of all come back to visit often...as we do our part here in Vigilante Country to keep traditional country music on the front burner!

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