Carl and Pearl Butler

This singing husband and wife team was from Tennessee. Carl Robert Butler was born in Knoxville, TN in 1924 (other reports state 1927). Pearl Dee (Jones) Butler was from Nashville TN also born in 1927. They were married in 1952. Carl served his country in the military in World War II.

Carl would began to entertain at an early age when he began playing guitar. He was featured on radio in the North Carolina and Knoxville areas. Later while in Knoxville he became well known as a songwriter, having penned such country tunes as "If Teardrops Were Pennies," Carl Smith's 1951 classic, and "Crying My Heart Out Over You," which years later in 1981 would become Ricky Skaggs first number one hit. Pearl helped co write another Carl Smith hit titled "Kisses Don't Lie"

While Carl and Pearl had other records hit the charts, their 1962 classic "Don't Let Me Cross Over" became their top country hit and most commonly associated song for the Butlers.

"Don't Let Me Cross Over" wasn't written by Carl or Pearl Butler. It was written by Penny Jay, a fellow Tennessean. The story goes the song's inspiration came while driving down the highway and seeing road signs informing drivers "not to cross over the lines." A few minor adjustments and you've got a classic love song! It went on to sell a million copies!

The Butlers took a child performer under their wings while she performed on the Cas Walker show and later helped arrange her first Opry appearance in 1959. That child was Dolly Parton.

Carl joined the Opry in 1948 and Carl and Pearl, as a duo, in 1950. They appeared in the 1967 movie, "Second Fiddle To A Steel Guitar." They performed throughout the 1970s and retired in the early 1980s.

Pearl Butler passed away in 1989 and Carl Butler a few years later in 1992. They had two daughters, Carla and Robin.

Don't Let Me Cross Over Love's Cheating Line

P. Jay - Troy Martin, Music, Inc

I'm tempted my darling to steal you away
Don't let me cross over stay out of my way
You know that I love you and I'm not the stealing kind
But I'm forced with heartaches at love's cheating line

Don't let me cross over love's cheating line
You belong to another and you'll never be mine
I know one step closer would be heaven divine
Don't let me cross over love's cheating line

I've tried to forget you but what else can I do
When your eyes keep saying that you love me too
I know if I lose you not a dream will I have left
I don't want to cheat dear but I can't help myself

Don't let me cross over...

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